Blog 07:European youth week “ Democracy and me” with Vertit- Voice of youth


The day had arrived, it was time for Vertit- Voice of youth to hit the road to promote European youth week in Finland. The theme for this event was “Democracy and me”. Vertit has been working very hard to decorate the van with awesome content and advertise the event.

Want to see or amazing decorations and advertising, Let’s go …



Ah yes, our new T-shirts arrived, take a look below we are ready to embrace the world baby.


The whole group was so excited to get rolling, we all got in the van and went to Perho, we set up the games and events outside Perho , open youth house.

It was time to set the tone for the event by blasting some Finnish music on our portable speaker. The event was now in full swing, there were sweets, fruit, drinks, dancing volunteer’s and awesome vibes! …Let’s Go…

… The Finnish youth loved rising to the challenge to try catch a real-life unicorn…



The bowling game was a big HIT Literally. Just look at this picture below…


There were colourful bottles flying everywhere. Strike, strike, Strike…Let’s Go…

… Of course, we had a competition to win a free pizza, We love free pizza at Vertit -Voice of youth. To win the pizza, you had to take a picture with this awesome selfie board, Everyone was so happy to take some quirky pictures, here are some pictures from the day.

Overall the day was a massive success in my eyes. we had great conversations with Finnish youth, we all had fun taking part in the activities and enjoying the positive atmosphere. Let’s go spread that joy!


Let’s go youth work, Let’s go Vertit-Voice of youth

See you next time !





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