Blog 05: The Halway Point Baby !

I have officially hit the half way mark of my volunteering project. 6 months ago, I left Ireland to take on a new adventure in Kokkola, Finland…Let’s Go…

…Half way in I can confidently say it has been an immersive experience for me. I have made international friends from all over Europe. Embarking on travel adventures, exploring new places, food and cultures, meeting the big man Mr. Santa,  missing some buses and trains of course…! Let’s Go Baby


…After spending half a year here in Youth centre Villa Elba, it’s the perfect time to talk about what I am doing here when I’m not travelling.


I am working on a project called “Maailma maaseudulle!” With a 12-month timeline. This project involves producing content for Villa Elba to market their youth activities at the centre. I help in this process by producing video’s, posters, photographs, flyers and creative content online.

International club is a big part of my project, in this club we work with Finnish youth to explore international opportunities available to them. These opportunities include volunteering abroad and taking part in youth exchanges. International club helps organise such opportunities for interested youths.  Another group I am humbled to be part of is “Vertit- Voice of youth” This group is an example of mobile youth in action.  As part of this group I work with Finnish youth, other volunteers & youth workers to help promote the topics Finnish youth are passionate about. Currently we are working on a project which involves a decorated van full of games & surprises travelling to youth centres promoting Democracy. I am grateful and couldn’t ask for a more pleasing experience while volunteering…Let’s Go!


…What have I gained from already spending half a year in Finland you might ask or even not ask, here I am telling you regardless! …

Where do I start …I have learnt valuable life lessons since I have left Ireland in September last year.  I have learnt to trust my gut, follow my own path, embrace things for what they are and push on. Embracing new experiences and people has become second nature since arriving here in Finland. I’ve gained a wanderlust with international travel & work opportunities. Most of all I have learnt to fully accept everything I am. Keep that self love flame lit girl !


…Let’s Go!…

I would recommend anyone to travel and experience a new culture, whether its just for a month or 12 months. Its utterly life changing. Let the last six months of my adventure be even more surprising!

See you all back in Tipperary youth centre Ireland in September, Thank you  so much for this opportunity ❤




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