Blog 01 : Where it all Began for me

Tipperary Town, Ireland… Where it all began for me.

I had just graduated with a creative multimedia honors degree. I did the next logical step and got a job that had nothing to do with my college degree in the slightest …YEAH. I know some of you can really relate to this awesome life choice…like , why not.


After spending 9 months working in a job that ignited no spark in my soul, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to travel with the European volunteering service and put my creative multimedia skills into action …Let’s Go!


European volunteering Service (EVS) is an amazing opportunity that allows one to travel & volunteer abroad between the age of 18-30.

I always had a wanderlust to travel and see the world. This dream always seemed out of reach. I had fears such as financial, medical and would I find suitable work.

EVS was presented to me by a local Youth worker Pauline. Pauline explained how all the travel expenses, food, and accommodation are financed by the European volunteering service. Your local youth club sets up all the paper work, any personal support and sends you on your way.

As you can imagine I was like WOW ! Thanks Pauline .. Let’s Go ! …

I did another quiet logical thing and quit my well paying job, packed my suitcase, kissed my dog goodbye and got on that beautiful plane.


Bam ! Here I am in The lands of the Finns.

Stay tuned to here about my first 2 months in Finland, my un-expected relationship ending, my new life experiences, nearly flying home to Ireland and my somewhat dark humour reflecting on my life choices…Let the Adverture begin…

…Let’s Go !


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